Various - pa' bailar

The Argentine-Uruguayan influence is more than just tango, and includes murga , milonga and candombe . [4] The idea of the group is to take these traditional styles and create something more contemporary, [2] with elements from rock, hip hop, jazz and electronic music, especially sampling. [5] [6]

The first ten or so albums issued on the label were 10-inch LPs, as was customary for the time (1954). Starting with GNP-11, all the albums were pressed in the 12-inch format. The first ten or so albums also used an odd numbering system. The record numbers were just designated as "Vol. 1", "Vol. 2," etc., with the matrix numbers were also on the label, causing confusion as to which was the actual album number. For example, GNP-2 is billed as "Gene Norman Presents, : Buddy DeFranco Takes You to the Stars," with "Vol. 2" on the cover and label, but GNP-103 on the label, also. This "Volume" designation instead of the more common GNP- numbering system continued at least until GNP-11.

In early 1962, the label name changed from Gene Norman Presents to GNP-Crescendo, at approximately album number 71. At that time, the logo also changed, from the multicolor circles to a rectangular logo in block letters.

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Various - Pa' BailarVarious - Pa' BailarVarious - Pa' BailarVarious - Pa' Bailar