Roger o'donnell - the truth in me

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If “Gifted” works for you as it did me, it’s mostly because of the cast, but also the way the story unpeels. Chris Evans is at his most effectively Evans-y in the role of Frank, who leads a mystifyingly quasi-carefree life repairing boats and looking after extremely adorable Mary ( Mckenna Grace ). On the opening day of school, he tells the little girl he’s made her a “special” breakfast, and it’s soon revealed he means a bowl of Special K. The two have a good bantering style as he explains to her why it’s a good idea to break away from home-schooling and join grade one. “You’re gonna meet kids today you can borrow money from for the rest of your life,” he tells her. As soon as Mary’s on the bus, Frank’s neighbor Roberta ( Octavia Spencer , playing a role she must be pretty used to by now, but which she nevertheless does not phone in, and good for her, and the movie) comes by to tell him that by insisting on sending her to public school, he’s all but sealed Mary’s doom. Why would that be?

Roger O'Donnell - The Truth In MeRoger O'Donnell - The Truth In MeRoger O'Donnell - The Truth In MeRoger O'Donnell - The Truth In Me